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    Massive Poster Purge

    Over the past 7 years, we've accumulated a very large pile of posters of Shawn's work, and we're starting to drown in them!

    ::Cue Sirens::: For the next month the Poster Purge will commence. The Founding Father's Thank you!

    •  All 11x17 Posters are Only $3.00
    • All 13x19 Posters are Only $5.00
    • All 18x24 Posters are Only $8.00
    • Does not include Poster sets (Inktober, Sins, Zodiacs)
    • Some posters have been signed from the past but not all are guaranteed to be signed
    • We will be in San Diego from July 18-23 so there could be some delays in shipping
    • Due to the low price, discount codes will not be honored on this sale