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Skulltapus T-Shirt
Any Means Necessary Clothing

Skulltapus T-Shirt

$ 25.00

The Kraken was always a known myth among the children. They were confident enough to know of tall tales and exaggeration. What they were unaware of, was that the Kraken wasn't some beast that lived within the depths of the ocean, but a living breathing creature that crept through the night while all the villagers would sleep soundly.

It's tentacles slowly dragging across the window's pane as it would peer inside each home, looking for another vessel to lay it's eggs.

The elderly were spared most often, due to their inability to harvest new tissue. But the children, specifically infants, would be the optimal choice for the Kraken. It's eggs and soon to be offspring would live off the infant well into it's toddler years before finally freeing itself from it's humaAny Means Necessary Clothinn vessel...

To begin looking for the next vessel to lay it's eggs.

  • Artwork by Shawn Coss, printed on premium Next Level teeshirts.
  • For best results,  wash in cold water and hang dry.
  • Printed on premium Next Level Tees. Cold wash and hang dry to preserve color.

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